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What are the functions of the conference all-in-one machine?

What are the functions of the conference all-in-one machine?

Update Time:2023/7/6

The all-in-one meeting machine has functions such as meeting writing and high sensitivity. The main reason for this function is that the device has built-in sensitive writing software. 

Whether it is touch gesture design, moving, zooming out, etc., it can be switched arbitrarily. . When touching the screen with a large area, you can quickly call the eraser function, and you can wipe with the back of your hand. 

At the same time, it can also annotate the key points of the meeting, and the meeting records can be saved with one click, which is convenient for viewing after the meeting. It has remote video conferencing on the same screen in different places, ultra-high-definition display screen, and ultra-wide viewing angle. 

Compared with traditional video equipment, the viewing distance has been extended. At the same time, the installation method is more flexible and changeable, it can be mounted on the wall or matched with a mobile tripod.

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