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What's the difference between LED and LCD?

What's the difference between LED and LCD?

Update Time:2023/7/6
1. Technical level:
From the perspective of display principle, the small-pitch LED display is self-illuminating, and the LCD splicing screen is backlight + liquid crystal imaging. From the perspective of physical seams, the small-pitch LED display is non-joint, and the gap of LCD liquid crystal splicing screen is 0.88-3.5mm. From the perspective of color saturation, the small-pitch LED display has a higher degree of color reproduction and more vivid colors. From the perspective of grayscale, the small-pitch LED display is 16bits, and the LCD splicing screen is 8bits. From the perspective of power consumption, small-pitch LED displays and LCD splicing screens are both high-efficiency and energy-saving products.

2. Cost level
The first purchase cost: the price of LCD splicing screen is newly popularized, which has more advantages.
The second maintenance cost: small-pitch LEDs only need to repair the broken modules separately, which does not affect the use, and the maintenance cost is low; LCD liquid crystal splicing screen: faults generally cannot be repaired, and only the full screen can be replaced;
The third is the service life: the normal use of the small-pitch LED display is 100,000 hours, and the normal service life of the LCD splicing screen is 40,000 hours.

3. The level of flexibility
Small-pitch LED display: High plasticity, you can customize the radian, size and appearance according to your needs. In terms of use, it can be competent both indoors and outdoors. LCD splicing screen: mainly centered on indoor scenes, generally small in size.
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