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Skyworth Commercial - Next Generation Commercial Intelligence Solution Provider

We will escort our business partners in a full-scenario, multi-angle business journey


Regardless of the environment in which it is used, Skyworth's commercial equipment will continue to have excellent performance and excellent stability.


The concept of precision has always been run through the design-production-process-quality control and other links. Only precision can ensure the smooth cooperation of various components.


All things live in harmony, we pursue the harmonious coexistence of products and users, products and the environment.

Science and Technology

As a world-leading technology brand, we apply the technology and advantages accumulated over the years to products to ensure leading technology and experience.

Factory Strength

Skyworth Commercial - Next Generation Commercial Intelligence Solution Provider

We will escort our business partners in a full-scenario, multi-angle business journey

Eearly Layout

Established Skyworth LED Research Institute in 2013

Full Specification

Cover all specifications of P10-P0.9

Many Processes

Many Processes


LED & Mini LED & Micro LED

Excellent cost

Scale + Production Efficiency + Circulation Advantage

Full Scene

Home & Commercial [Backlight + Direct Display]

R & D fast

Intelligent module + all-in-one machine + conventional products

Ecological excellence

Hardware + Software + Content

product group

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Commercial display product + solution matrix, to provide you with more perfect services

Customer praise

Testimonials from our great resellers

We will escort our business partners in a full-scenario, multi-angle business journey

In today's globalized world, the role of a sales manager has become increasingly critical in establishing and maintaining connections with clients from various countries. This essay introduces our sales manager, who possesses exceptional skills and expertise in managing a diverse clientele across the world. Their commitment to providing the best service to each customer has contributed significantly to fostering successful business relationships.

Lydia Guo

Sales Manager

SKYWORTH's remarkable journey in the display service and project industry is a testament to the visionary leadership of its CEO. With an unwavering commitment to responsible practices, superior quality, and a determination to build a globally recognized brand, SKYWORTH is well on its way to achieving unrivaled success. As the company continues to push boundaries, innovate, and adapt to emerging trends, propelling SKYWORTH towards a future where it stands as a trusted household name.

Edward long


The Director of Operations at SKYWORTH serves as the linchpin connecting various internal functions, driving efficient operations, overseeing product excellence, and nurturing a thriving workforce. The Director plays a critical role in elevating SKYWORTH's operational capabilities. Optimizing resources, and nurturing a culture of continuous improvement, the Director of Operations paves the way for SKYWORTH's continued success in the dynamic display service and project industry.

Professor Bu

Operations Director

an integral part of our team responsible for driving product sales planning and product solution design. With a keen understanding of market trends and customer needs, our Product Director develops strategic plans to optimize product offerings and maximize sales potential. They possess a deep knowledge of our products, helping them design innovative solutions that align with customer requirements and market demands. Their insightful approach ensures that Skyworth remains at the forefront of technology and provides unparalleled solutions to our valued customers.

Eason Wong

Product Director

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial display product + solution matrix, to provide you with more perfect services
  • What's the difference between LED and LCD?
    1. Technical level:
    From the perspective of display principle, the small-pitch LED display is self-illuminating, and the LCD splicing screen is backlight + liquid crystal imaging. From the perspective of physical seams, the small-pitch LED display is non-joint, and the gap of LCD liquid crystal splicing screen is 0.88-3.5mm. From the perspective of color saturation, the small-pitch LED display has a higher degree of color reproduction and more vivid colors. From the perspective of grayscale, the small-pitch LED display is 16bits, and the LCD splicing screen is 8bits. From the perspective of power consumption, small-pitch LED displays and LCD splicing screens are both high-efficiency and energy-saving products.

    2. Cost level
    The first purchase cost: the price of LCD splicing screen is newly popularized, which has more advantages.
    The second maintenance cost: small-pitch LEDs only need to repair the broken modules separately, which does not affect the use, and the maintenance cost is low; LCD liquid crystal splicing screen: faults generally cannot be repaired, and only the full screen can be replaced;
    The third is the service life: the normal use of the small-pitch LED display is 100,000 hours, and the normal service life of the LCD splicing screen is 40,000 hours.

    3. The level of flexibility
    Small-pitch LED display: High plasticity, you can customize the radian, size and appearance according to your needs. In terms of use, it can be competent both indoors and outdoors. LCD splicing screen: mainly centered on indoor scenes, generally small in size.
    Jul 6,2023
  • What are the application scenarios of LED splicing screens?
    What are the application scenarios of LED splicing screens?

    Commercial display: LED splicing screen can be used for advertising and product display in commercial places such as shopping malls, exhibitions, conferences, etc., and attracts the audience's attention with its high-definition and large-screen display advantages.

    Stage performance: The high brightness and high contrast characteristics of the LED splicing screen make it very suitable for use as a background screen in stage performances, concerts and other activities, creating a stunning visual effect.

    TV stations: TV stations use LED splicing screens as large-screen display devices in TV programs such as live news and weather forecasts, which improves the picture clarity and viewing experience.

    Control center: LED splicing screen can be used in the monitoring system of traffic, security, electric power and other control centers. It has the advantages of high picture definition and good stability, which can improve the work efficiency and safety of operators.

    Sports venues: LED splicing screens can be used for large-screen display in sports venues such as stadiums and racing tracks, creating stunning visual effects and improving the viewing experience.
    Municipal engineering: LED splicing screens can be used in the construction of municipal engineering projects such as city squares and overpasses, and are used for large-screen display in large-scale outdoor activities, celebrations and other occasions.
    Jul 6,2023
  • How many kinds of LEDs are there?

    We have two types. 

    1. The first one is LED all-in-one machine, which is an overall display screen, usually 138 inches and 165 inches in size. 

    2. The other is LED super unit, which is a large-size display screen composed of multiple small units. .

    Jul 6,2023
  • What is LED?

    LED display is LED display, a flat-panel display consisting of small LED module panels. It is a display method by controlling semiconductor light-emitting diodes.

    Jul 6,2023
  • What are the main applications of conference all-in-one machines?
    Main applications of conference displayer:

    1.Corporate Meetings: Collaborate, Plan, and Communicate Remotely

    2.Distance education: academic research, classroom lectures, theme lectures

    3.Online programs: set up company programs, host online events, record videos
    Jul 6,2023

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We will escort our business partners in a full-scenario, multi-angle business journey

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OHSAS 18001:2007






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